Roof Repair & Maintenance

A Healthy roof is vital for protecting your structure and its contents. Active leaks can go undetected, causing extensive damage and costly repairs. We see, every day, the value in correcting leaks quickly. No matter if it’s tile, shingles, single ply membrane or metal, we can provide top quality, GUARANTEED, roof repairs quickly and affordably.

Roof Restoration

Many of our clients have ageing flat roofs. These roofs are usually high-quality materials and can last decades if installed correctly. Eventually, however, they will succumb to age, ponding water, detached seals, and the constant UV rays of the Florida sun.

We can restore deteriorated roof materials with a full system of cleaning, reinforcement, base primers, and premium quality industrial roof coatings.

A full roof restoration can add 5-10, and up to 20 years to the life of your roof, GUARANTEED!

Real Estate Inspections

We understand the need for speed when it comes to the real estate market in SW Florida. Our promise is to provide a thorough inspection of all roofing components that includes pictures and comments in a timely fashion. That gives you the most time possible to deal with any needs that may be discovered. Consultation is also available to answer those hard questions honestly and without delay. Many times we have been able to address deficiencies found by a home inspector for a fraction of what it would cost through other roofing companies.

Annual Maintenance Plans

When is the last time you’ve had your roof professionally inspected? Would you know if your roof had serious issues BEFORE it caused expensive problems?

We’re happy to offer annual maintenance plans that provide valuable services, such as;

  • A detailed annual inspection and report that includes pictures and commentary of the roof condition.
  • Providing regular maintenance items common to your roof such as cracked or slipped tile repairs, securing faulty or loosened fasteners, -application of appropriate sealants to all exposed fasteners, resealing flashings and vent boots.
  • Offering specialized services catered for the specific needs of your home. These may include items such as, leaf or debris removal, gutter cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, tree limb removal and many more.
  • Emergency inspections after major weather events.
  • Discounted rates on more extensive repairs.

Lanai Panel Insulation & Replacement

If your home has specialized lanai panels that have been damaged, are leaking, or are just too hot to sit under, we can deal with them. By adding insulation and cover sheets to a lanai panel, we have seen surface temperatures drop significantly. Leaks or damaged panels can be quickly repaired or replaced in order to provide you with a lanai that is a joy to use, rain or shine!


Integrity Construction & Repair is a registered contractor with many of the manufacturers of roofing materials. This means we are able to provide you with the best warranties in the industry.  Choose us when quality is the top priority.